Queer Themyscira is the creation of one lesbian frustrated by the lack of representation in fiction. M was tired of queer reading mainstream books, TV shows, and movies where there was zero representation. She just wanted more stories like The Legend of Korra in the world, but with even less subtlety. This ain’t the place to find queer erotica or hetero fetishizations of queer lives. Everything here is SFW (assuming your work isn’t homophobic and open to you reading fiction while on the job).

M. Felix is the author of At the Edge of Dust. She’s a young cis-lesbian who’s been 90% out since 2012. She’s been working on Dust since around 2007 just as a fun side project. Outside of writing Felix enjoys playing with her dog, reading, drinking tea, and watching Korean dramas (Dae Jang Guem, Night Light, Saimdang). Many of her stories are inspired by reality or given to her by crazy dreams. Her favorite food is Thai and her favorite artists are Oh Land and Blake Lewis.

If you would like to join as a contributing author are queer in some way and have a queer story you’d like to share, feel free to visit the contact page to drop M a line.

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